Eros Male Massager

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Eros Male Massager
 Eros Male Massager on a banana
Eros Male Massager
Eros Male Massager
Eros Male Massager with charging cable
 Eros Male Massager descriptions


Introducing Eros, a discreet and unassuming pocket pleasure device that will take you from manual mode to auto-climax! 

The soft, pliable, flesh-like material stretches to fit any girth & size. Placed snuggly into the palm of your hands, it's easy to grip, allowing you to find the right pressure as needed when going for those long hard strokes. Turn up the intensity by switching the vibrating function on with a simple touch of a button and play around with its 10 different settings.

Psst, this handy and compact pleasure toy is not just your go-to at home – it's also the perfect travel companion, ready to cater to all your desires wherever you go!

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    • Material: Body-safe Silicone
    • Function(s): 10 Vibrating Modes
    • Size: 8.3cm x 4.8cm
    • Weight: 81g
    • Colour: Black
    • Silent: >40DB
    • Use time: 2h
    • Feature: Waterproof IPX 6
    • Learn more with our User Manual here


    1 x Eros Male Massager
    1 x USB Charger 
    1 x Satin Storage Pouch 
    1 x User Manual

    Eros Male Massager
     Eros Male Massager on a banana
    Eros Male Massager
    Eros Male Massager
    Eros Male Massager with charging cable
     Eros Male Massager descriptions

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    travel friendly buddy

    I haven't settled on a favorite mode yet. I'm enjoying testing them out to see which one I like best.

    Oh god, oh GOD!!

    The price you pay for this toy that takes you to heaven? It's priceless!

    I like watching him squirm in delight

    This product was fantastic. I purchased it for my partner and enjoyed watching him use it, as well as using it on him myself. It added a lot of excitement and playfulness to our interactions. It's discreet and easy to conceal, which is a plus. Having some control over him was unexpectedly fun!


    Coming from the traditional fleshlight, this is definitely a huge HUGEEEEE improvement. Not only is it much easier to clean, the vibrations are strong enough to be a real pleasure but not so intense that they hurt. The soft silicone + lube feels just right, definitely feels better than just your plain old hand doing the work lol

    Eros Lover
    Multiple Orgasms + Amazing Loads

    I love the Eros Toy so much that I actually made a review/demo video for this, but since it's NSFW to be posted publicly, I'll try to summarize the key points (feel free to ask me for the video HAHAHA). 1) Discreet. The discreet nature of this toy makes it an ideal choice for kinky play (imagine using it when you're out in public with no one else knowing except you and your partner haha). Instead of using it as a glove/stroking device, simply use it as a stationary vibrator - just have it wrapped around your member and let the toy sit in place inside your tights/boxers. 2) Multiple Orgasms. With 10 vibrating modes, you will need a bit of trial and error to find your favorite 2-3 modes. Having a few different modes may turn you into a multiple orgasmic male. Challenge: Use 1 mode to completion (climax), then rest 60 seconds and start again with another mode. You will reach a whole new level of orgasmic nirvana. 3) Amazing Loads. Look, I've tried many biological hacks to increase seminal volume, but the Eros Toy took me to a whole new intensity. The difference will be as clear as night and day. Combine the Eros Toy with some edging and kegels = they need to attach a "HAZARD: DROWNING WARNING" sign!

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