Pleasure Empowerment & Sex Workshops

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation with our open, fun, and educational sex workshops. These experiential sessions, in collaboration with our sister brand Genvie, aim to destigmatize conversations around sex and pleasure, providing a safe and empowering space for individuals and couples to learn and grow together.

Guided by our experienced sex educators and pleasure experts, you'll receive shame-free advice filled with personal stories and juicy tips on how to deepen connections, elevate your pleasure experiences, and seamlessly integrate sex toys into your solo or couple play through hands-on practices! Covering a range of topics related to sexual wellness and empowerment, join us for an evening of lively in-house workshops.


Why Attend Our Sex Workshops?

Know yourself deeper and express yourself harder with our sex workshops at Hedonist, where individuals and couples are welcome to attend our unique and enriching sex workshops. Here's why you should jump into our engaging sessions:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our workshops are led by experienced sex educators and pleasure experts who provide insightful knowledge and guidance in a comfortable and inclusive environment.
  2. Holistic Exploration: Explore a diverse range of topics that span the spectrum of sexual wellness, from deepening intimate connections to uncovering various aspects of pleasure. Delve into deeper conversations, discover ways to spice up your relationship and gain safe insights into unconventional pleasures! 
  3. Safe and Open Discussions: In our sex workshops, we've created a safe space that caters to the distinct needs of each participant. Rest assured, we facilitate our workshops with a zero-tolerance policy for shame and judgement, encouraging participants to ask questions freely with an open heart and an open mind.
  4. Hands-On Practices: We get it – strolling into a sex shop might not be everyone's cup of tea. That's why we provide the chance for everyone to get hands-on with our sex toys through fun, practical exercises. It's all about effortlessly blending these pleasure enhancers into your solo or couple play for a learning experience that's not only informative but also downright enjoyable!
  5. Personal & Candid: Our workshops offer a personal and candid narrative on sex and pleasure, where individuals can freely ask questions they might be too afraid to bring up with friends or loved ones. Going beyond traditional teachings, we explore modern and shame-free ways to enhance pleasure and connection beyond the bedroom, enriching your intimate experiences for a more fulfilling journey.
  6. Empowerment: Regardless of age, gender or nationality, the path to self-growth is a continuous journey. In particular, regions where conversations about sexual empowerment may be limited, especially in Asia, our workshops provide a unique opportunity for everyone to kickstart your self-discovery. Join us to gain valuable insights and tips to empower yourself, embrace your sexuality, build confidence, enhance communication about your preferences in intimacy, and lubricate your sexual journey with positivity and satisfaction!

Sex Workshop Themes and Topics

Demystifying Female Orgasms

Here's to a sex-ed you wish you knew earlier to develop a healthy relationship with your true self with our Demystifying Female Orgasms workshop, curated for women by women. Led by our in-house sex educator, Joey Wong, join us for an enlightening and empowering experience that aims to redefine your perspective on sexuality as vulva-owners. Let's get back to basics, exploring the pleasure 101 of female anatomy and say goodbye to shame and judgement surrounding self-pleasure. It's time to embrace a more satisfying relationship with yourself and own your right to pleasure!

  • Host: Joey Wong, in-house pleasure expert and sex educator of Genvie & Hedonist
  • When & Where: Every 1st Tuesday at Hedonist Intimate Space
  • Perks: Sensual Pleasure Kit, drinks on the house, and a cheeky 15% discount for on-site shopping

Blowjobs & Handjobs

Discover the power of touch and boost your sexual confidence in our Blowjobs & Handjobs workshop. Led by our Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Andrea Tan, this hands-on workshop—using a phallic vegetable or sex toy—is curated for women by women. 

Enhance connection and intimacy with a toolkit of techniques, debunk common misconceptions about fellatio, and empower yourself through the pleasure-providing process for mutual satisfaction. Gain a mindset shift for mental and emotional states that will align with your lifestyle, fostering a liberating and positive experience for everyone involved!

  • Host: Andrea Tan, Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach from The Athena Rising
  • When & Where: Every 2nd Tuesday at Hedonist Intimate Space
  • Perks: Sensual Pleasure Kit, drinks on the house, and a cheeky 15% discount for on-site shopping

Better Sex Beyond the Bedroom

Elevate your pleasure game from good to great with our Better Sex Beyond the Bedroom workshop. Led by our Co-Founder and Sex Educator Jacqueline Kee, this session is an essential for couples looking to spice up their love life! Immerse yourself in sense-based techniques that will inject excitement and playfulness into your relationship. 

Uncover the barriers holding you back from a satisfying sexual experience with your partner and learn to align your love language with the perfect foreplay tips. Explore the "art of mindful sex" to boost communication and discover ways to enhance pleasure for both you and your partner beyond the traditional for a fulfilling shared experience together. 

  • Host: Jacqueline Kee, Co-Founder & in-house pleasure expert of Genvie & Hedonist
  • When & Where: Every 3rd Tuesday at Hedonist Intimate Space
  • Perks: Sensual Pleasure Kit, drinks on the house, and a cheeky 15% discount for on-site shopping

Intro to Kinks

Open your mind to a greater possibility of sexual pleasure with our Intro to Kinks workshop. Led by Minky, a seasoned kink expert, whether you're a newbie or simply curious about the world of BDSM. Uncover personal stories and gain insights into the intimate aspects of BDSM, focusing on themes of consent and safety behind closed doors. Explore BDSM 101 etiquettes, broaden your understanding of kink play, and satisfy your curiosity by learning how to enhance couple play with various unconventional sexual activities like sensory play or bondage that will thrill you to the core.

  • Host: Minky, Seasoned kink expert from Kinky Minky Club
  • When & Where: Every 4th Tuesday at Hedonist Intimate Space
  • Perks: Sensual Pleasure Kit, drinks on the house, and a cheeky 15% discount for on-site shopping


Testimonials from Past Participants

The workshop was so great! I was worried that it would be awkward but was very happily surprised because the facilitators and speaker made it such a safe and inclusive space that I felt comfortable to share. Andrea is a great teacher and I highly recommend anyone to go to her workshops.” – Annabelle on the Blowjobs and Handjobs workshop

For a long time I felt a huge weight of shame when it came to self pleasure or even talking about sex in general so you have no idea how much being in this event meant to me. I really appreciate how the speaker was able to hold the space and allow it to be a "shame free zone" while candidly walking about the room with a sex toy in her hand. It was not only fun but very educational as well. Highly recommended for all women to attend!” – Hui En on the Demystifying Female Orgasms workshop

“I signed my husband and I up for this to see what kind of new spark I could bring into our relationship. We both had an amazing time and learned something about each other and ourselves. But the biggest shocker was my husband sharing as he was initially reluctant to go. He said that it gave him a chance to think about questions he has never thought about before regarding our sex life. Thank you so much Jac for allowing us that space to connect!” – Qing on Better Sex Beyond The Bedroom

I really enjoyed today's event! Even though I was a little shy in the beginning, seeing other people openly ask questions and engage with the host really helped me get out of my shell. I'm also glad that we had a real life kinkster to ask questions and get advice on. It's also really nice to hear about the scene in Singapore and being given advice that you don't typically see or hear on the net.” – Raye on the Intro to Kinks workshop


Meet Our Pleasure Pros

Joey Wong, in-house pleasure expert and sex educator of Genvie & Hedonist.

Andrea Tan, Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach from The Athena Rising.

Jacqueline Kee, Co-Founder & in-house pleasure expert of Genvie & Hedonist.

Minky, Seasoned kink expert from Kinky Minky Club.

FAQs about Pleasure Empowerment & Sex Workshops

What can I expect to learn in a sex workshop?

In our sex workshops, you can expect to learn a variety of topics related to sexual health, pleasure, and intimacy. The specific content will depend on the workshop's focus, but common themes may include:

  1. Techniques and Skills: Our workshops often cover practical techniques for enhancing sexual pleasure, communication, and intimacy. This may include tips on various sexual activities, positions, and techniques.
  2. Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the anatomy and physiology of sexual organs is often a fundamental part of sex education workshops. This knowledge can help individuals better understand their bodies and those of their partners.
  3. Enhanced Connection: Building a satisfying sexual relationship relies on effective communication. Our workshops help provide guidance on expressing desires, setting boundaries, and openly discussing your intimate preferences with a partner – a dialogue that starts with self-awareness. After all, like we often say, “if you don’t know what works for you, how can you expect that from someone else?”
  4. Relationship Dynamics: Our workshops often address the importance of intimacy within relationships, exploring topics such as emotional intimacy, trust, and the connection between emotional and physical satisfaction.
  5. Exploration and Consent: As a sex-positive brand, we always emphasize the importance of consensual exploration, promoting a positive and respectful approach to sexual activities. This includes discussions about boundaries and the enthusiastic consent of all parties involved.
  6. Sexual Wellness: We uphold a holistic approach to sexual well-being, encompassing various aspects of physical, emotional, and mental health related to sexuality.
  7. Use of Sexual Accessories and Toys: Our workshops provide information on the use of sexual accessories and toys, exploring how they can be incorporated into solo or partnered play for added pleasure.
  8. Empowerment: The overarching goal of our workshops is to empower individuals to embrace their sexuality, build confidence, and openly communicate about their needs and desires.

Keep in mind that the specific content will vary based on the workshop's focus and the expertise of the facilitators. So it's essential to choose workshops that align with your interests and learning goals.

Are the sex workshops suitable for individuals and couples?

Absolutely! Our workshops are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for both individuals and couples. They offer valuable insights and learning opportunities regardless of your relationship status, helping everyone to enhance their understanding of sexual pleasure, wellness, and intimacy.

How do I prepare for a sex workshop?

Prepare to join our workshop with an open heart and an open mind. Embrace curiosity! Think about any particular questions or topics that pique your interest beforehand and don’t be shy to ask our friendly sex educators what’s on your mind. Dress comfortably, and rest assured that our sessions take place in a safe and inviting space crafted for sexual exploration and learning.

*For the Blowjobs & Handjobs workshop at Hedonist Tribe, participants are encouraged to bring their own dildos, toys, or vegetable substitutes (we personally recommend eggplant!) for hands-on practice.

Is there an age limit to attend?

Yes, participants must be of 21 years old and above. This is to ensure a mature and responsible environment where adult topics can be discussed openly and safely.

How do you ensure privacy and discretion for participants?

Ensuring privacy and discretion for participants in a sex workshop is our top priority. Here are some measures we take to uphold this rule:

  1. Limited Participants: Workshops are conducted with a limited number of participants, typically no more than 12. This ensures a more intimate setting, allowing for better focus and interaction
  2. Confidentiality Culture: We foster a culture of respect and non-disclosure among participants. Everyone attending is encouraged to treat the discussions and experiences shared during the workshop with confidentiality.
  3. Zero-Tolerance Policy: We strictly uphold a zero-tolerance policy for any form of rudeness or disrespect within our community. This ensures a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.
  4. Secure Handling of Information: Personal information shared during the workshop is handled with the utmost security by our adult shop. We have robust measures in place to protect the privacy of our participants.
  5. Consent for Information Sharing: Your personal information is never shared without your explicit consent. We respect your privacy and ensure that any sharing of information adheres to your preferences.

These measures collectively contribute to creating a safe, respectful, and discreet space for participants to explore and learn in our sex workshops.

Are the sex workshops accessible for people with disabilities?

We strive to make our sex workshops as accessible as possible. Please contact us with specific requirements or concerns, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

Do you offer discreet billing?

Yes, billing is discreet and no mentions of pleasure empowerment nor our brand name will appear in your transaction statement. Rest assured that your privacy is our utmost priority.

What is the cancellation policy for workshop tickets?

Our workshops have a strict no-cancellation policy. However, in valid cases such as being down with COVID-19, we offer the option to reschedule you to the next available session. Please reach out to us for arrangements under such circumstances.

How can I contact customer support?

You can get in touch with our customer support team via our website's contact form, email, or WhatsApp hotline. Rest assured, we're dedicated to offering speedy and useful responses to any questions you may have.

Do you have a physical location to host your workshops?

Yes, Hedonist Tribe's sex workshops are hosted at the Hedonist Intimate Space, a private venue specifically designed to provide a comfortable and secure environment. This space is carefully curated to enhance the learning experience, ensuring privacy and a conducive atmosphere for discussion and exploration.

How can I provide feedback on my workshop experience?

Feedback is greatly appreciated and can be submitted through a feedback form provided at the end of the sex workshop or through our website.