WORKSHOP | From painful sex to pleasure warrior

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An intimate workshop with leading health expert Dr. Jessherin Sidhu, founder of Insync Medical to learn the Kama Sutra of comfortable sex.

Pain demolishes the desire for sex, arousal and orgasms. Understand why you might experience pain during penetrative sex and how to overcome them with simple techniques and tools).

  • Me and my vulva “To each ‘her’ own
    • Draw your vulva
    • Vulva snapshot
    • Discovering what was there
    • Draw your vulva now
    • Pain demolishes the desire, arousal orgasm cascade
    • Why might you have pain during penetrative sex
    • How to overcome Vaginismus and relax your pelvic floor
    • Fear of sex
  • How to make sex more comfortable
    • Lubricants: touchy-feely hand on experience (silicon, water based, hybrid)
    • Hormonal creams: who would use them?
    • Settling/calming repeated vaginal & vulva infections - yeast…
    • Introducing sex toys 
  • Sex positions - the Kama Sutra of comfortable sex
  • Sex toys and its place in making penetrative sex more comfortable
  • Taking control of the penis

Date: 23 Mar, Wed

Time: 630-8pm

Price: $35, ticket price includes:

  • Entry to intimate workshop
  • 1 Cold Brew Tea
  • Nuts to snack on

More about our speakers:

InSync Medical

InSync Medical is founded to provide full circle care - their goal is to look after both their patient's physical needs and emotional well-being. They empower their patients with sexual knowledge and believe in in building a trust-based partnership with their patients, as this is the key to allowing you to look after yourself better and to stay one step ahead of your concerns.

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