SEP WORKSHOP | Queer Sex 101: Vulva Owners Guide (vulva owners only)

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An intimate vulva owners only workshop to learning some tips and tricks by Rachael SE from @lesbeheard. Learn to communicate better in bed and gain useful tips on fingering, cunnilingus, sex positions and pleasure toys to enhance lesbian sex.

1. Introduction: Lesbian Sex
- tips on safe lesbian sex

2. Understanding different type of pleasure in a Queer Woman (Feminine, butch, andgro)
- tips on cunnilingus
- sex positions

3. Exploring Sex Toys - Girl
- exploring toys in the context of masturbation? Lesbian sex? Foreplay?

4. Communication - Ways to communicate in bed


Date: 14 Sep, Wed

Time: 7PM - 8.45PM

Location: Siri House, Dempsey
8D Dempsey Rd, #01-02 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672 

Pricing Options: 

  • Single, 1 pax = $55
  • Couple/BFFs, 2 pax = $92, 17% off

Ticket price includes:

    • Entry to intimate workshop
    • Sensual Pleasure Kit + LESBEHEARD Tote Bag (worth ~$60)
    • 1 Cold Brew Tea
    • 1 Snack

    More about our speakers:

    LESBEHEARD focuses on, Educating, Celebrating and Inspiring Queer Women.

    LESBEHEARD is a digital platform run by queer women and a non-binary cat lover for queer women (and friends). 

    The motivation behind LBH is to create a safe space for queer women to learn, share and explore.

    Our team understands the struggles queer minority women from different walks of life and thus we constantly seek to place these women as the centre. 
    We recognise and embrace the differences among queer women and we hope that LBH serves as the platform where queer women find a place to belong, to support and to empower.

    LBH supports the LGBTQIA+ community!

    Rachael SE
    The Founder/ Chief Everything Office of LESBEHEARD
    Understanding marginalisation being Queer and a Minority herself, she has taken to social media to provide a safe haven and a sense of community for fellow queer women.

    She goes for the heat and addresses issues and touches on areas that are often not socially discussed.

    She endeavours to create a voice for the Queer Women Community, through her social media platforms and aspires to normalise Sexual Wellness amongst women.

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