WORKSHOP | Queer Sex 101: Vulva Owners Guide (vulva owners only)

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An intimate vulva owners only workshop to learning some tips and tricks by Rachael SE from @lesbeheard. Learn to communicate better in bed and gain useful tips on fingering, cunnilingus, sex positions and pleasure toys to enhance lesbian sex.

1. Introduction: Lesbian Sex
- tips on safe lesbian sex

2. Understanding different type of pleasure in a Queer Woman (Feminine, butch, andgro)
- tips on cunnilingus
- sex positions

3. Exploring Sex Toys - Girl
- exploring toys in the context of masturbation? Lesbian sex? Foreplay?

4. Communication - Ways to communicate in bed

Date: 7 Jun, Wed

Time: 7.30pm - 9.15pm

Location: Hedonist Intimate Space
100 Peck Seah St, #10-17, Singapore 079333

Price: $55, ticket price includes:

  • Entry to intimate workshop
  • 1 x Drink provided
  • Pleasure Kit (worth ~$50)
  • 15% off on-site shopping¬†

More about our speaker:

Rachael SE is a dynamic individual who has made it her life's mission to create a voice for the marginalized communities, specifically for queer women. With a full-time job managing the creative industry, she has also dedicated her free time to advocating for the queer community through her online platform, LESBEHEARD.

As the founder of LESBEHEARD, Rachael has created a safe space for queer women to share their stories and experiences. Through her Instagram live talk show, LesTalk, she provides a platform for queer women to discuss topics that are relevant to their lives.

In addition to her work with LESBEHEARD, Rachael is also a passionate advocate for sexual health and wellness. She believes that it is important to address the taboo topic of sex within the queer community and normalize conversations about sexual wellness.

Professionally, Rachael is an experienced Emcee, Moderator, and host for both online and physical events. Her skills in event management and public speaking have made her a sought-after speaker and host for various events.

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