JAN WORKSHOP | Ready, Date, Action! (women-only)


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A dating expert’s guide on how to love and appreciate who you are to be confident on dates. Gain tips on how to have fun flirting and create engaging conversations.

Learn how to overcome fear of rejection and first date anxiety by taking care of your own needs and not compromising yourself.

  • Unconditional self-respect, sufficiency and self-love
  • Strength in vulnerability and elegant self-disclosure
  • Intimacy through body language & engaging conversation
  • Overcoming the fear of loneliness
  • The fun of skillful flirting
  • Overcoming fear of rejection
  • Overcoming anxiety and shyness
  • Having clarity and communicating clearly
  • Saying “no” when a “no” is the right answer
  • Self-compassion when things do not go as expected

Date: 26 Jan, Wed

Time: 630-8pm

Price: $15, ticket price includes:

  • Entry to intimate workshop
  • 1 Cold Brew Tea
  • Nuts to snack on

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