PANEL | Consent & Respect: Raising Children who become Responsible Adults

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An intimate panel discussion to learn how to raise your children who understand consent and respect.

Guest Speakers: Tan Joo Hymn (Project Director for the Birds and Bees Programme from AWARE), Dr. Angela Tan (Intimacy Coach and Co-founder of Academy of Relationship and Sex), Khadijah Madihi (Child Rights Expert)

Moderated by: Meryl Lim, co-founder of Hedonist & Good Vibes 

  • Why is there a need to have a conversation with your child about sex?
  • Would having such open conservations with your child lead them to be more sexually liberal?
  • When do you think is the right age to start talking to your child about sex? 
  • What content is appropriate for what age?
  • How can you react when your child asks a question about sex that you may not have the answers for or may not feel comfortable answering?

Date: 16 Mar, Wed

Time: 630-8pm

Price: $35, ticket price includes:

  • Entry to intimate sharing
  • 1 Cold Brew Tea
  • Nuts to snack on

More about our speakers:

Dr Angela Tan

Besides being a doctor, Dr. Angela Tan is trained in many skills to be more than just a doctor. At ARAS, she’s also a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Intimacy Coach, Relationship Coach, and Co-founder of Academy of Relationship and Sex (ARAS). In her journey as a family physician, Dr. Angela Tan believes that healing can happen more than just for physical well-being, but emotionally as well.

At ARAS, using her communications skills as a life coach and medical knowledge in sexual medicine, she helped take her clients through a journey to find love and build meaningful intimate relationships with their loved ones. As an intimacy coach, her ability to create a safe and empowering space for individuals and couples to work through their intimacy issues allows her clients to forge deep and meaningful connections that matter.

Tan Joo Hymn
Tan Joo Hymn is a facilitator, storyteller, trained lawyer and early childhood educator. She has been a volunteer with AWARE for over 20 years, and a former president of the organisation. She is currently the project director for Birds & Bees: a series of workshops for parents that teach them how to talk with their children about consent, sex and relationships.

Khadijah Madihi
Khadijah is a versatile professional with a multi-disciplinary background in child rights and protection. She started her career with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) working with youth-at-risk and subsequently child sexual abuse survivors. With more than 20 years of experience, her work has extended to include strategic review, policy development and capacity building of social
service systems for vulnerable children in Asia.

She has worked with several international entities, regional and local stakeholders by providing technical assistance on child protection and social services workforce strengthening. Currently, an Associate (Violence Against Children) with Maestral International, a global US-based consultancy supporting the development of child protection systems to ensure children are free from violence, abuse, neglect and
exploitation. She draws invaluable life lessons from her engagements as a
Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) befriender, and Team Coordinator of a ground-up initiative Merpati Kaki supporting rental households. 

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    Important topics

    Lots of useful tips in the panel. Mindful parenting is so important. I definitely want my children to understand the importance of consent and not make sex a taboo topic. I would rather they come to me and talk about it then to get information from their peers which may not be right.


    I was more motivated after this panel to practice more open communication with my child and also to educate my husband about it. We do have a general understanding of parenting but honestly there are still things that we struggle with because we are so used to the old methods of doing things, things that our parents passed down. I feel encouraged that it's ok to start a different style of parenting even if it's harder but in the long run, it will be better. I am excited to evolve as a parent, as a human.


    It is truly a touchy topic especially when we are not brought up equipped with the knowledge nor openness to talk about sex. Well, at least my parents never had the conversation with me and I had to find out on my own which was very confusing for me. I'm grateful that there are workshops like this so the future generations can be more equipped when facing topics around sex and not shy away from it.

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