Bachelorette Party


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Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Party

What To Expect:

  • Part I
    Receive a Bridal Party Gift Set for the Bride & her Bridesmaids +

    45min of pleasure education and sex toy demonstration from our Pleasure Expert
    Topics include:
    * Different types of female orgasms
    * How to indulge in self-pleasure
    * Where are his/her best erogenous zones

    Choice of 2 other topics you may wish to include:
    1. How to give a blowjob to blow his mind
    2. Everything you need to know about anal play
    3. How to incorporate safe and sexy bondage; role play into the bedroom
    4. Please provide other special request
  • Part II
    45min of sexy fun games to keep the excitement going
    Choice of either:
    1. High Energy Fun Adult Game (What better way to spell F-U-N then to play an adult-focused game that would leave the room in tickled pink with laughter and tears)

    2. Women Circle (Get closer and build a stronger bond with your bffs in a safe and non-judgemental space, hosted by our professionals)

  • Finale
    30min of Q&A and ENJOY 15% off any Hedonist toys purchased on the same day

Read our post about how to host a Hedonist party too

    Terms & Conditions:

    • Min 4pax to max 7pax
    • You're entitled to a bridal party gift box in this package: 1 bride + up to 6 bridesmaid, which includes...
      * Satin Robe (Bride/ Bridesmaid)
    • Participants must be above the age 18 
    • Please provide your chosen options for Part I and Part II upon receiving our confirmation email with a "Book A Party" form attached
    • We have a no-cancellation and refund policy, however we allow 1 date change with prior notice of 7 days of the event
    • All bookings will be kept strictly confidential, your privacy is our priority
    • Planning: Our Hedonist Host will liaise directly with the Client to confirm all details of event, including itinerary and content to ensure a smooth execution. We want to ensure expectations are met on both ends. 

    • Time Management: Make sure to keep to the agreed timing, any time between 10am - 10pm (last session 8pm) from Mon - Sun. 

    • Duration: 2h is allocated for each session (1.5h full educational workshop + 30min to shop with recommendations from our pleasure toy experts)

    • Ambience: A speaker can be provided by the Hedonist with a playlist to set the mood (Optional).

    • F&B: We absolutely want you to have fun, but the level of booze consumption will be at our client’s own discretion and responsibility. We expect all attendees to behave with a code of conduct and mutual respect. 

    • Code of Conduct: If at any point, our Hedonist host feels mistreated or there is an act of misconduct, she has the right to exit the event and leave the venue. No refund will be issued.

    About our Pleasure Experts:

    Our Hedonists consist of a team of female sexual wellness advocates &  long-term pleasure seekers, who aim to provide you with all the knowledge you need to feel empowered about your sexuality and equipped for all your intimate moments. 


      Bachelorette Party
      Bachelorette Party
      Bachelorette Party
      Bachelorette Party
      Bachelorette Party

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