Sensual Teaser Duo - Gold Chain & Tickler


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About this Tickler

Fire up your imagination with the Sensual Teaser Duo - Gold Chain & Tickler. Tease your partner with the interchangeable gold chain or feather tickler and experience a whole new range of exquisite sensations. Allow yourself to be fully liberated as you wait in fervent, sexual anticipation.

Bondage Safety Reminders

If it is either you or your partner’s first time, be sensitive and go slow. Bondage can be enjoyed by all if introduced correctly and not abrasively. Respond to your partner’s reactions appropriately and provide reassurances through encouragement and touch.

Bondage should be a safe and enjoyable activity. So long as there is consent, simply keep some basic precautions, like allocating a “safe word”, and there is no stopping an amazing experience ahead.


  • Material: Feather, Stainless Steel
  • Size: 
  • Colour: Black & Gold

What Do You Get?

1 x Feather Tickler

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